know us

The beginnings of Freedays go back to the end of 2004, when we made the decision to give up a safe job and we decided to make a company project in which we had been working for a few months.

We have a home that we did not want to sale, but we needed to make a profit, so we decided to start renting it for short stays (vacation rental).

During the first years, we received numerous requests from individuals and companies looking for accommodation for somewhat longer periods, so we began to manage the temporary rental for months.

In 2013 we had already a small portfolio of homes in this modality, which we continue to take care of as if they were ours and we try to make the most of it.

We are a small company that continues to maintain a personal relationship with each of our clients, personally supervising the entire rental process from beginning to end.

We are very lucky to have a trustworthy team and to have a good time at work, we put a lot of effort so that things go well, we care about the properties, and the tenants who occupy them.

Victoria Garcia

Mercè Miralles